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Ziegler rugs are sometimes also known as Chobi rugs or Peshwar rugs. Production of these rugs takes place in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Turkey and China. Each of these regions produces there own unique style ranging from hand knotted to machine loomed.
Ziegler Rugs
( A Ziegler rug in our York showroom )
Ziegler style rugs date back to the William Morris period. Ziegler a well known Manchester merchant, developed designs and styling that pampered to European tastes 

This idea of the more subtle colour pallet is still precent in the Ziegler rugs of today. 

Ziegler rugs compliment a traditional interior or a minimal setting.

At The Handmade Rug Company we only stock the hand knotted variant and most of our production is from Afghanistan.
Extremely hard wearing and dyed using natural vegetable dyes, these rugs are heavily washed to give them a special lustre and antique appearance. The rug is made with hand spun wool, vegetable dyes.
Ziegler rugs london - york - yorkshire


EMMA MELLOR HANDMADE RUGS offers a unique selection of hand picked rugs, ranging from traditional to contemporary. All are handmade, one of a kind pieces. Let us know your specific requirements and we will visit you with a wide selection. Alternatively, visit their showroom in York , North Yorkshire.






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