All our rugs are responsibly sourced, we only deal with suppliers who understand our high quality standards and opposition to exploitation.

The Handmade Rug Company has been taking strict measures against child labor within its own production system and only buys rugs from india that are imported through the guidance of GoodWeave (please visit )

GoodWeave, a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring no child labour is used in any of its registered productions. The GoodWeave label is the best assurance that no child labour was employed in the making of that rug, and a percentage of the cost of labeled rugs goes to support GoodWeave schools in India and Nepal. To be certified by GoodWeave, weavers sign a legally binding contract to produce rugs without child labor, and to allow unannounced inspections of their workshops by GoodWeave agents.

What does GoodWeave do?

GoodWeave rescues children directly from the looms and strives to deter the employment and exploitation of other children. GoodWeave also inspects and certifies carpet-weaving facilities and authorizes use of its trademarked label on rugs made at looms meeting GoodWeave standards. The certification program helps fund educational opportunities for children as well as support and resources for families and weaving communities.

GoodWeave operates as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping to build awareness of child labor and other ethical issues in the carpet industry. It informs, educates and partners with designers, architects, retailers, importers and all who love beautiful rugs.