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ikat rugs


Ikat, or ikkat, is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric.

In ikat the resist is formed by binding individual yarns or bundles of yarns with a tight wrapping applied in the desired pattern. The yarns are then dyed. The bindings may then be altered to create a new pattern and the yarns dyed again with another colour. This process may be repeated multiple times to produce elaborate, multicolored patterns. When the dyeing is finished all the bindings are removed and the yarns are woven into cloth. In other resist-dyeing techniques such as tie-dye and batik the resist is applied to the woven cloth, whereas in ikat the resist is applied to the yarns before they are woven into cloth. Because the surface design is created in the yarns rather than on the finished cloth, in ikat both fabric faces are patterned.

Ikat is produced in many traditional textile centres around the world, from India to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Japan (where it is called "kasuri"), Africa and Latin America. Double ikats—in which both the warp and weft yarns are tied and dyed before being woven into a single textile—are relatively rare because of the intensive skilled labour required to produce them.


We have taken inspiration from this and produced a range of hand knotted rugs in stunning contemporary Ikat designs. These Ikat rugs are part of our contemporary collection. 

Each rug is woven by skilled artisan weavers and knotted using locally hand-spun wool. The beautiful variety of colours and shading is achieved by using natural vegetable dyes.

Each rug is a one off and completely unique.

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Construction: Hand woven

Pile Content: Wool 

Pile Thickness: 7mm ( approx 180 000 knots per m²)

The term 'ikat' comes from the Malay word 'mengikat', meaning to tie or to bind. This refers to the tie-dyeing method used to give these textiles their unque vibrancy of colour and design. Ikat has now come to refer to the textiles themselves as well as the process.


ikat rugs


Our Ikat rugs are found within our CONTEMPORARY RUG COLLECTION in a assortment of colour and sizes.


Rug - Ikat

If you are interested in our Ikat rugs and you require more information please contact us 01904 622822.




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