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Handmade rugs come in a full range of sizes, from small mats to extremely large room size rugs. What we would describe as a large rug would be typically over 4m x 3m (13ft x 10ft) but specialist pieces can be as much as 10 meters in length.

Large rugs tend to follow a size structure of 4m x 3m 5m x 3.5m and 6m x 4m but at The Handmade Rug Company we source unusual sizes that make our stock quite unique. For example some of our large rugs are 4m x 4m square and we have a selection of pieces 5m long but only 1m wide more often known as a gallery rug.

Large rugs or often called oversize carpets are particularly difficult to find. Almost all large or oversize Persian rugs were commissioned for a mansion home or a palace's around 20-60 years ago. This means that each one produced is of the highest quality and the older the rug gets the nicer the naturally dyed wool gets.

New oversized carpets are now produced in a fusion between the new and the old. Retaining the quality and aesthetic of the traditional piece but now made with a contemporary colour palette.


At The Handmade Rug Company we are specialists in large rugs and large handmade carpets and are very proud of our vast selection. We stock large rugs in traditional and contemporary designs, new and old. Each one of our large rugs is a unique piece and has been completely made by hand. In some cases it can take well over a year to produce just one rug. 


A HOME VIEWING can be arraigned for any of the large rugs in this collection.
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If you don't see what you're looking for online, or you need a unusual size or colour please get in touch as only a small amount of our stock is listed and we can email images of stock that fits your requirements.
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