Shiraz Rug 254cm x 197cm
Shiraz Rug 254cm x 197cm Shiraz Rug 254cm x 197cm Shiraz Rug 254cm x 197cm

This is a Shiraz rug, a extremely good example of this style, soft natural dyes and extremely high quality wool. 

It was produced in the Fars province in the south-west of Iran by nomadis who live in the provinces of Fars, Khuzestan and Southern Isfahan but mostly in the surroundings of Shiraz. They move twice a year, between the winter pasture near the Persian Gulf and the summer pasture up in the Zagros mountains.The Shraz carpets are woven on horizontal looms and the weaver sits during the weaving process on the half made part of the carpet. Made using hand spun wool and natural dyes.

These rugs are very similar to the Qashqai style but are softer to the touch. 


PRICE: £1850.00

SIZE : 245cm x 197cm (8-3ft x 6-5ft) 

This Qashqai Rug has a woollen pile formed by knots tied onto a woollen foundation.

Home viewing is avalable on this nomadic rug

HOME VIEWING is available on this product

Country of Origin: Iran

Construction: Hand woven

Pile Content: Wool

Product ID :  FA/1606

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