Icelandic sheepskin
Icelandic sheepskin Icelandic sheepskin Icelandic sheepskin sheepskin

"Soft glow of the fire, snuggled deep on the sheepskin rug"

These super soft sheepskins are much thicker and longer than the usual wool rugs available. The wool is long and “shaggy” in appearance.

Icelandic Sheepskins come from rare breeds in Iceland, completely natural and un-dyed, retaining their original markings and colour. Each rug has one distinctive spot hidden underneath.

Deep creamy colour with warming large flecks of chocolate.
As with the reindeer hides, the sheepskin rugs are a sustainable and Eco-Friendly product.

Although these rugs are predominantly used on the floor as luxurious coverings, they can also be used as a throw, on beds, or draped over any type of seat. 


Size : 120cm x 90cm ( 3ft-9 x 2-9ft )

Thickness:  100mm.

Construction: N/A  

Pile Content: 100% wool

This item has FREE UK DELIVERY 

CARE : icelandic sheepskins can be cleaned of small stains and minor soiling with a damp cloth | use a wool cleaner, mixed in with water and use froth only to clean stains | stretch lambskin to shape after cleaning | leave skin to dry | after a few hours of drink away from direct sunlight and direct heat, comb the fleece with a pet comb to fluff it out | brush and vacuum regularly to keep wool fluffy, soft + neat

NOTES our Icelandic sheepskins are processed + treated in a manner which is safe for children and adults | all tanning agents used meet EU directives concerning the environmental preservation and protection

Please note, our sheepskin hides are natural and colours/markings/patterns are individual to that skin. Larger size skins often have deeper markings. If you have a particular preference within your chosen colour/size please let us know at time of purchase.