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TRIBAL RUGS An extremely rare and hard to find collection of nomadic tribal rugs has just arrived in from Afghanistan. Handmade by the Balouch nomads living between the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, these tribes can also be found on a smaller scale in Bahrain and the Punjab province of India....

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Overdyed Rugs:   ABOUT OVERDYED RUGS Origin: Overdying began in Istanbul as a way to brighten old, faded woven rugs. Size: From 150cm x 90cm to large 500cm x 300cm Colours: The original colours of a rug are diffused via bleaching and washing techniques, and the rug is then re-dyed in...

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NEW IN : Large Rugs

The Handmade Rug Company have just received in a fantastic collection of Large Handmade Rugs.  Specialists in large rugs and large handmade carpets. These large rugs are typically over 13ft x 10ft (400cm x 305cm ) and tend to be Oriental or Persian in design. A HOME VIEWING can be...

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NEW IN - Overdyed rugs

OVERDYED & PATCHWORK RUGS Vintage rugs are overdyed and distressed to create this beautiful, ethereal look, accelerating the aging process. This is done through a long cycle of dying and washing. Colours blend, textures soften, and an infusion of depth is the end result. Creating a fusion of contemporary and...

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