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LARGE RUGS  Handmade rugs come in a full range of sizes, from small mats to extremely large room size rugs. What we would describe as a large rug would be typically over 4m x 3m (13ft x 10ft) but specialist pieces can be as much as 10 meters in length. Large rugs...

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NEW IN - Overdyed rugs

OVERDYED & PATCHWORK RUGS Vintage rugs are overdyed and distressed to create this beautiful, ethereal look, accelerating the aging process. This is done through a long cycle of dying and washing. Colours blend, textures soften, and an infusion of depth is the end result. Creating a fusion of contemporary and...

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Tribal Rugs

Our tribal rugs are original pieces, handmade and collected at source from the nomadic tribes people of Persia and central Asia. These are all collectible examples of nomad art. Each piece utilizes the design skills and showcases the individuality of each weaver.     Tribal Rugs An authentic oriental rug is a...

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The Look : White out

The Look : White outFor a white plan space that's contemporary but not cold, mix textures and materials sensitively. Handmade tribal rugs contrast with the floorboards - the extra-wide boards make the living space appear larger, while the beautiful grain adds warmth to this coolly decorated interior.   The rug...

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Rug guide : Kilims

Kilims   Kilim, a word of Turkish origin, denotes a pile less textile of many uses produced by one of several flat weaving techniques that have a common or closely related heritage and are practised in the geographical area that includes parts of Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), North Africa, the...

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