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Qashqai Tribal Rugs

Qashqai rug - the handmade rug company

We have just received in our new collection of nomadic rugs from the Qashqai tribes of southern Iran.

The Persian Qashqai rug is a extremely good example of a nomadic rug. Handmade with soft natural dyes and extremely high quality wool incorporating geometric designs.

Qashqai rugs - the handmade rug company

The Qashqai nomads who make these rugs are found in the Fars province in the south-west of Iran and in the surrounding areas of Shiraz. They move roughly twice a year, between the winter pasture near the Persian Gulf and the summer pasture up in the Zagros mountains.

The Qashqai carpets are woven on horizontal looms and the weaver sits during the weaving process on the half made part of the carpet. Made using hand spun wool and natural dyes.


Qashqai Rugs can be viewed in our Nomadic & Tribal Rug Collection


Qashqai rug - the handmade rug company


COLLECTION - Nomadic & Tribal Rugs

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