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Collection Update : Berber Rugs From the Atlas Mountains.


We have just updated our collection of Berber rugs with our latest selection from Morocco.

Atlas Berber rugs from Morocco - The Handmade Rug Company

We will be listing these online but if you have a specific size requirement please CONTACT US and let us know as we might have one in stock or have the capability to source you one.

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More about these beautiful rugs:

Moroccan Atlas Berber Rugs - Handmade by Berber the tribes in the mountains of Morocco. Imported direct from the Beni Ourain & Moyen tribes in Morocco.
Distinct, abstract lines, obtained by knotting dark yarn over light, make up the minimalist patterns and totemic symbols of protection found in each Berber carpet.
Berber tribes of Morocco’s Middle Atlas Mountains who roamed at such high altitudes that their flocks were forced to develop a particularly heavy, high-quality fleece crafted these soft, glossy carpets in natural wool and travelled with them in their caravans.

Atlas Berber Rug - The Handmade Rug Company

Today only a few nomadic people remain in this area and since the 1970s this tradition of carpet making has become increasingly rare, dying out almost completely. A beautiful and unique antique, this example dating from around the middle of the 20th century represents the last days of a really thriving nomadic culture.
These beautiful rugs should not be mistaken with cheap look-a-likes. Each one is handmade by the woman of the Atlas mountains at a hight 1,780 metres above sea level, a ten-hour drive from Casablanca in the high Atlas region of Morocco.




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